Group Travel Booking Platform

We moved their booking process online and streamlined it

Group travel options are offered and managed online. From trip set-up to final settlement. All online.

eTravel Monkey arranges travel adventures for groups. They hired edgimo to design and develop a backend management tool to streamline the registration and payment process.  Since their existing website was developed using WordPress, we developed a custom WordPress plugin for the backend tools. The plugin was designed to follow eTravel Monkey's existing process for registering groups for a trip, collecting payments, and generating reports to aid in management of the process.

The payment system integrates with and allows for a host of payment options, including recurring monthly payments.  The system is smart enough to determine the total amount due and create equal payments over the period of time.  

The administration tools allow staff to create trip templates so that adding new offerings is quick and easy.  Once a template is selected it can then be customized to include optional offerings (e.g., hotel upgrades, apparel).  The administration tools also provide staff with financial reports, settlement reports, and other tools to help with day-to-day management of the site. We provide ongoing support and maintenance.  

edgimo Inc.

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