Improving the Financial Health of College Graduates

A mobile friendly asset that integrates with Hubspot

NitroScore Tool

The animated gauge makes it easy to see how each variable impacts the NitroScore. There are three sections in which students can customize their plan and find the healthiest financial scenario.

Long time client Seer Interactive invited us to help design and develop a tool for students to create a healthy financial plan for college. The mobile-friendly tool, NitroScore, forecasts post-college financial health ("NitroScore") based on a chosen major, college, and the average starting salary for the chosen major. The Score uses national benchmarks to forecast the debt to earning potential for each scenario.

Students and parents can explore various college scenarios, save them for comparison, and then share them via social media.

The initial "NitroScore" can be refined with additional information such as duration of study, supplemental income, and terms of borrowed funding (e.g., interest rate and term). Students can also change their anticipated starting salary.  Students are encouraged to explore different scenarios, compare them and share them with parents or others. They can share scenarios via email or social media.

In addition, the tool captures key information about how students use the tool. The raw data can be analyzed to identify trends in how students plan to pay for college. And, it's integrated with Hubspot so that those who are interested in learning more about student loans receive follow-up automatically.

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