Online Event Registration

A custom WordPress website and event registration system

The home page features upcoming events. On mouse over, patrons can see the status of each event before clicking to register.

Vetri Cucina is an intimate test kitchen, cooking school, and private event space. After a year of offline success with events, the Vetri team asked edgimo to design and develop a website dedicated to selling seats for classes and events.  We designed and developed it using the WordPress Multisite platform.  It includes secure credit card processing via USA Epay, which has allowed the project to pay for itself over time by avoiding unnecessary “convenience” fees often paid to a third party “ticket seller.”

Because space is limited for events the site includes a timer system to ensure that sales don’t exceed capacity. Events often sell out quickly so we added a “wait list” feature so that the team could collect patron information and gauge interest even after an event is sold out.  And, if a space opens up staff can invite patrons off the guest list.  

The cost of the system was a flat fee, so overtime the project has paid for itself by avoiding unnecessary “convenience” fees .

The interface design is graphic centric and uses colors to communicate the status of events so that visitors can scan the information quickly before clicking through to more details.  The content management tools allow staff to upload the photos and the system displays images per the design guidelines.

Vetri Cucina Website

Home page at the target screen resolution and an event page on a mobile phone. Green signifies that registration is open.

The administration tools provide staff with attendance lists, financial reports, settlement reports, and other tools to help with day-to-day management of the site. We provide ongoing support and maintenance.

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