Philadelphia Youth Orchestra

Leveraging technology to get the most out of a fixed budget.

A WordPress website designed for PYO's workflow. The administration tools save staff significant time and allows for more timely communication.

The Philadelphia Youth Orchestra (PYO) is one our oldest clients. We managed their website for over 10 years. So, when it came time to redesign it we were very familiar with their workflow. We also noted that their needs were the same each calendar month of each year. We used that knowlege to design an infrastructure that would save them time and money. PYO staff had experience with WordPress, so we chose WordPress for content management system.

We partnered with PYO's design firm of choice, Paone Design Associates, on the project. We consulted with the firm on the design and then developed the site based on the mechanicals they supplied. The result is sophicated site that serves the work flow for a given season with the orchestra. We highly customized the admininistration panel to include instructions within the interface and automate much of the content and calendar updates.  

We knew their workflow well and designed the site around it, which makes managing the site easier than ever.

The site also includes an online payment system that integrates with PayPal and allows supporters can make donations. Another big part of the PYO year is auditions for the upcoming season. Each ensemble has a unique audition form that can be submitted online.  We provide ongoing support and maintenance.

edgimo Inc.

  • WordPress Development
  • Performance Calendar
  • PayPal Integration
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