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AJHP Voices Podcast Series

In its seventh year, the AJHP Voices audio interview series continues to attract new listeners and expand its content.

The American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy turned to edgimo to create a podcast series called "AJHP Voices." The result is a ongoing series of audio interviews that are delivered on-demand via their website and as podcasts. The mobile friendly series delivers interviews with authors of papers that will be published in upcoming issues of the Journal.

We delivered original theme music, developed a custom audio player, created the podcast feed and logo, and worked with the editorial staff to develop their interview style.

Click above to play a sample of an interview. We reuse intro and outro audio to save studio costs and brand the series.

About a year into the series we realized that there wasn't an accurate way to track podcast downloads or listens. Google Analytics data seemed inconsistent. How do you track podcast downloads? Well, we developed a custom system to track podcast downloads and differentiate between those who listen via the website and those who subscribe to the podcast feed.

We were surprised by how quickly the audience grew and how popular the audio interview format has been with AJHP readers/listeners.

After 7 years, the series is still going strong and has lead to additional podcast features in other areas of the organization.

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